This Is Our Jam: Veronica Falls, "Come On Over"

Slumberland Records has been releasing jangly, fuzzy indiepop for so long now, it seems silly to call their current crop of noisy-pop acts “revivalists” at all. Sure, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Frankie Rose, and Weekend sound a lot like bands on Slumberland’s late ‘80s-early ‘90s roster, but rather than bringing a sound back, they're just keeping with tradition. It's this same lineage that Veronica Falls fits into quite nicely, with a U.K. twee sound (rightfully) garnering comparisons to original C86/Sarah Records bands. “Come on Over” is a a boy/girl assault of stomping percussion and bittersweet harmony as comforting as it is infectious. As sung by Veronica Falls, what could have been a banal refrain becomes so inviting and pleasant (“Come on over / Crimson and clover”), it serves as sonic antidepressant. Who needs Prozac when you have Veronica Falls? (Weekly Tape Deck)
Veronica Falls
"Come on Over"
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