This Is Our Jam: Twin Sister, “Kimmi In A Rice Field”

On 2010’s “Lady Daydream” Twin Sister sang what remain their most evocative lyrics to date: “Just because I’m losing / Doesn’t make me a loser, yet.” That song was the work of a band whose slumberous pop sounded like a pleasant dream that had slipped from memory, or a coloring book whose images lacked clearly defined borders; Twin Sister were reassuring in a downy, feather-bed sort of way. With “Kimmi In A Rice Field,” from their new full-length LP In Heaven, that dream has darkened—if not quite to a nightmare, certainly to a weirder, more anxious place. Italo synths and hollow drums manifest a warped alternate universe, which they perfectly sync with to the accompanying video (below). The Long Island quintet have done away with most of the hazy affectations of past releases, opting for a fuller, less bedroom-indebted sound —more M83 and Portishead than Grouper, and less overtly emotional. It's the same band, with a new level of confidence.

Twin Sister
"Kimmi In A Rice Field"

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