This Is Our Jam: Trailer Trash Tracys, “Dies In 55”

With a name as chock-full of raucous alliteration as Trailer Trash Tracys, you’d think the London band would be some all-girl metal act or a Riot Grrrl throwback. Surprisingly, TTT’s sound is more new-age than Nirvana, with “Dies in 55” covered in swaths of gauzy reverb that recall the Julee Cruise Twin Peaks classic, “Falling.” Along with the wistful Lynchian melancholia comes an electronic snare beat that could have been taken from a Hans Zimmer score, propelling the shoegaze-y epic through the cosmos. If I keep going back to soundtrack comparisons it’s for a reason—“Dies in 55” feels rooted in the visual aesthetic of the early '90s, perfect for a vintage-attired Patricia Arquette/Christian Slater make-out session. True romance, indeed.

Trailer Trash Tracys
"Dies in 55"

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