This Is Our Jam: Time New Viking, "Ever Falling In Love

When Times New Viking appeared in 2007, their abrasive take on lo-fi indie-pop was dubbed shitgaze—a micro-genre moniker both silly and sort of accurate. There were hooks buried in the feedback, but your ears were liable to bleed before they were unearthed. “Ever Falling in Love” hasn’t washed away all of the grime, but their production has less screeching high-end, and the vocals could be described as playful or even (gasp!) cute. Equal attention is given to both Beth Murphy and Jared Phillips, whose dueling voices overlap and intertwine to create a bittersweet mess; Whether this is a love song or a break-up is anybody’s guess. Time New Viking still sound badass, but shitgaze this is not.
Time New Viking—Dancer Esquired
"Ever Falling In Love"
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