This Is Our Jam: Tammar, "The Last Line"

Indiana-based indie rockers Tammar are great at managing tension. “The Last Line” is a propulsive, rhythm-driven track, whose percussion is both restrained and dominating. The repetitious drumming is clearly Krautrock-indebted, and the guitar line comes across as vaguely trippy—a combination whose circular monotony winds up somewhere between tight post-punk and psych rock. The cool but heartfelt voice of singer Dave Walter sounds larger than rest of the track—as if he could suddenly break free of his self-imposed confines with some serious emoting. While Walter never attempts Echo and the Bunnymen levels of grandiosity, he seems like he could if he tried. For a band that appears to pride itself by how staid its sound is, “The Last Line” edges toward something larger and more theatrical. (Pitchfork)
"The Last Lin"
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