This Is Our Jam: Porcelain Raft, "Amateur's Feeling"

Amateur’s Feeling” is an evocative, piano-driven ballad permeated by the helpless naïveté that comes when emotion overwhelms us completely. The velveteen production recalls Thom Yorke singing from within a sensory deprivation tank, or The Antlers at their most subdued. Lyrics evoke a circular confusion steeped in wistful resignation. “The same mistake is repeated / The same damage done.“ This is all set to a biological-sounding rhythm suggesting singer Mauro Remiddia is crooning atop his own heartbeat. Porcelain Raft creates an atmosphere both both beautiful and heartbreaking, and "Amateur's Feeling" leaves an impression that lingers in the empty space it leaves behind. (Weekly Tape Deck)
Porcelain Raft
"Amateur’s Feeling"
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