This Is Our Jam: Pizza!, "Riding Through The Jungle"

All things considered, “Riding Through the Jungle” is one of Pizza!’s easiest-to-digest songs, but that’s coming from a band whose other tracks have titles like “Blood Moob” and “Iron Fart.” Generally speaking, Pizza! aren’t much concerned with how smoothly they go down, yet “Riding Through The Jungle’s” brand of Butthole Surfers’-indebted psychedelia isn’t entirely unapproachable either. Their music is often quite (purposefully) funny, and sounds as if Why?'s wily spoken-wordisms were put through an Austin-in-the-90s Gen X filter. They also sound a bit like the similarly gastronomically-titled band Cake, but be sure to read that entirely as a compliment. When Pizza! occasionally shake off their choral singing and spastic rhythmic shenanigans, they emerge with a penchant for deft hooks and a genuine pop sensibility. The resulting cacophony of "Riding Through The Jungle" bursts with a weirdness that comes across like party music for dadaists stuck in a Trapper Keeper. If that sounds hard to swallow, well, Pizza! isn’t for everyone. Regardless, they’ll just keep on riding through the jungle.
"Riding Through The Jungle"
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