This Is Our Jam: Gang Gang Dance, "Adult Goth"

The idea of an “Adult Goth”—like a goth in hot weather—is inherently silly and mildly depressing, like seeing a middle-aged man with black lipstick wandering the food courts of a Midwestern mall. “Adult Goth" is also a standout on Gang Gang Dance's mind melting Eye Contact, but unlike a Skinny Puppy fan who never grew up, this song is not silly at all. The opening guitar line is charged with apocalyptic gravity that slips into a void of plinking electronics and analog synths. Think John Carpenter's movie themes by way of '90s rave. I said before that Gang Gang Dance are ahead of the curve, and as their post-everything jams grow older and darker, they stay as relevant as ever.
Gang Gang Dance—Eye Contact
"Adult Goth"
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