This Is Our Jam: Friends, "I'm His Girl"

When we first heard Brooklyn's Friends, they gave us “Friend Crush,” a near-perfect pop gem about exactly that. Now, with new single “I’m His Girl,” lead singer Samantha Urbani has found her man. “I’m His Girl” has a fun, funkified bravado that takes antiquated ideas about relationships and flips them on their head. The opening lines, “When you see me walking around with him, I’m not just another chick / I’m his girl” starts at the same place as ‘60s girl-groups, where women would do anything to stay with their (often unfaithful) men—but keep listening. “See I don’t need his love / I merely want him, right,” continues Urbani, who goes on to lay out how a healthy, mutually beneficial modern romance should function. “I’m His Girl” is executed with so much sass, gumption, and intelligence that its empowering message feels almost effortless: “It’s all about affection, not possession with us.” Who wants to be single when you can have a girlfriend like this? (Stereogum)
"I’m His Girl"
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