This Is Our Jam: Franklin, "Love Is Beautiful"

My friend Luke from International Tapes recently turned me onto Franklin , the side project of French pop/electronica band Double U, and seeming proprietor of the hippie-dippy '60s myth of nude long-haired youths who balance each other’s chakras and levitate lava lamps with their minds. While rose-colored retellings of love-ins can get grating, there is something undeniable about the analog psychedelica that these kids used to trip the light fantastic. Franklin seems to have fallen in love with acts like Strawberry Alarm Clock, but is equally enamored with the wide-open guitars and evergreen vocals of ‘90s indie. Surprisingly, the two sounds work well together, with the later reining in “Love is Beautiful" when it starts getting a little too groovy. The result is a song as wide-eyed as its title. (Courtesy of International Tapes)
"Love is Beautiful "
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