This Is Our Jam: Eternal Summers, “Millions”

After 25 years of indie pop (give or take), it’s amazing that so few elements create a sound that’s as vital today as it was in the heyday of Slumberland and Sarah Records. A little more reverb, a little less twee, a little more shoegaze, or a little less punk can make all the difference between a boring retread or something legitimately fresh. Whatever that special formula is, Eternal Summers hit all the right notes with their new single “Millions” from the upcoming Correct Behavior. With sweet but not saccharine vocals, buoyantly spiky guitars, and hooks that take just enough time to sink in, “Millions” feels timeless after the first, third, and 10th listens. Eternal Summers may not break the mold, but they inhabit it with their own particular charm.
Eternal Summers—Correct Behavior
"Millions" [MP3]

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