This Is Our Jam: Dum Dum Girls, "He Gets Me High"

Dum Dum Girls’ “He Gets Me High” sounds great. When I say that, I don’t mean that the song is infectiously catchy (it is) or that you'll find yourself playing it on repeat (you will). What I mean is that “He Gets Me High” sounds slick and professional in exactly the way that fuzz poppers like the Dum Dum Girls usually make a concerted effort to avoid. This new approach pushes Dee Dee’s voice, which is sultry and pitch perfect, to the front of the mix. More importantly, the new production proves that a band that started off as consciously lo-fi doesn't have to hide behind crappy recordings if the songwriting is there to begin with.
Dum Dum Girls—He Gets Me High EP
"He Gets Me High"
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