This Is Our Jam: Deepest Bison, “Sunblind”

It’s hard to talk about Deepest Bison without feeling like David Attenborough narrating a Planet Earth episode. Their music exudes a potent naturalism that you can almost smell and conjures images of rolling prairies and sun dappled meadows. Like their bucolic brethren Fleet Foxes, Deepest Bison’s bittersweet harmonies play to the sounds of an America of another time, another place. Whether you'll buy into yet another band making this is sort of countrified americana is entirely up to you, but Deepest Bison inhabit their sound wholly without pretension or pretense. On “Sunblind,” tribal drums underlie a bittersweet melody as they consider a "move to the country". There’s melancholy here, but the song is more naive than anything else. “Sunblind” seems to take everything in stride, an autumnal hymn unaware that colder times are coming. With any luck Deepest Bison will make it through the winter.

Deepest Bison—Haunted Tea Party EP

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