This Is Our Jam: Death Grips, “Get Got”

When you think about Sacramento noise/punk/hip-hop band Death Grips, the first word that comes to mind certainly isn’t “catchy.” And from the searing electro, to the schizoid rhythms, to the stuttering rhymes, there’s nothing about new single “Get Got” that's overtly accessible. This a band where the “other” tag in iTunes is probably the best way to describe their genre, and any discernable melody seems to appear despite themselves. Yet somehow “Get Got” finds a groove that transmogrifies even Death Grips’ most abrasive sounds into something resembling pop. It's a track that shows Death Grips at their tightest and most idea-packed, but who knows if it's a sound they'll replicate anytime soon. Here’s hoping they do.

Death Grips—The Money Store
"Get Got"

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