This Is Our Jam: Battles, “Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo)” (NSFW)

The video for “Ice Cream” opens with a young woman enjoying—what else?—a very messy ice-cream cone. Also: She is topless and sitting in a bathtub. (This is probably suggestive of something.) We are then treated to five minutes of rapid-fire Dadaist weirdness featuring karate, interpretive dance, and a lot more licking of objects (pine cone, door knob, flower, roller skate, etc.). Fueling the joyous mayhem is Battles’ signature time warping riot of schizophrenic funk. Guitars chirp, vocals stutter, and drums appear to do calculus. “Ice Cream” isn’t Battles' deepest groove on Gloss Drop, but it is probably the most fun. Try thinking of the “Ice Cream” video as a checklist for things to do this summer—next up: Paint-soaked dance party (but make sure you bring a napkin this time).

Battles—Gloss Drop
"Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo)"

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