This Is Our Jam: 2:54, "Scarlet"

London sisters 2:54 didn’t name their band after the time of day (if they had, they’d surely have tacked on an “a.m.”), but instead their title comes from their favorite moment in the Melvins' song “A History Of Bad Men.”
Referencing one of the heaviest bands in history is a definite statement, but 2:54 is an ode more in spirit than in sound. “Scarlet” tempers swirling guitars and pummeling rhythm with soulfully emotive vocals. It’s a combination that bleeds the ‘90s and sounds as radio-friendly as it does dark. While young UK bands are often too hastily dubbed The Next Big Thing, 2:54 is a rare group whose propulsive sound stands up to even the almighty British press. Not bad for a band that plays its first American show tonight.
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