8 Things To Do The Week After You're Laid Off

Photographed by David Brandon Geeting.
No one ever thinks (or hopes) it's going to happen to them. But then one day, you get the fateful call from HR. Just like that, you're a free agent. Laid off.
Reckoning with a layoff means adjusting to the knowledge that your job isn't always in your control — but your career is. If you tap your network, it's likely you'll find others who've faced the same challenge and have come out on top. Try to look at this shitty situation from a fresh perspective: This is just one bump in the marathon that is your career.
Ahead, the eight things you should do in the week after you've been laid off — from connecting with your network to collecting unemployment. (And don't feel bad if you squeeze in some time for self-care. Binge-watching Veronica Mars is a fantastic distraction.)

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