Thigh’s the Limit: Breaking out the Garter Belt

Concealed beneath a skirt, with straps drawing attention to the tops of the thighs, there is a vulnerability to the garter belt that makes it so inherently sexy. Well get ready, because these straps will soon be front and center. The latest addition to the underwear-as-outwear trend, exposed garters have been spotted on various street style sites, resulting in provocative but never perverse looks. Gala from, perfectly rocked the look, and she pulled it off with just a peek. We first spotted them last month as the subject of a gorgeous Coppi Barbieri V magazine spread, and they've been parading down the runway recently too. If you're worried about the tops of your thighs getting cold, we loved the cool layering effect from the A.F. Vandevorst show, where white stockings were worn over the black nylons, resulting in a gray color and extra warmth coverage, guaranteeing you'll be strap happy.
Top, from left: Gala from; A shot from Coppi Barbieri's "Undercover" story in V magazine.
Above, from left: A shot from Coppi Barbieri's "Undercover" story in V magazine; A.F. Vandevorst spring/summer '09 looks via

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