These Exist: The Peep-Toe Ugg Boot

How far would you go to guarantee your fresh pedicure doesn't get messed up this winter? Are peep-toe Ugg boots too far? We're pretty sure we've come across the ultimate in heinous footwear: Introducing, Bootie Pies, a soft boot with built-in removable toes to solve your wintertime pedicure drying-time inconvenience. Since we promise we're as amused as you are, here's the backstory from the three sister creators, in (wait for it) poem form... Enjoy!
...they sat in the salon and waited for their toes to dry.

"Pedicures are great," said the Middle Sister.
"But this wait…" sighed the Oldest.
"I just hate!" exclaimed the Youngest.
And still they waited, and still their toes dried.
"Do you think we can go?" asked the Middle One.
"Not in this snow," answered the Oldest.
"This drying is S-L-O-W!" complained the Youngest Sister.

And still they waited for their toes to dry...

"Shoes can't go on 'til nails are dry," started the Youngest.
"Unless we kiss new polish goodbye," added the Middle Sister.
"But we can't wear flip-flops on the street," said the Oldest Sister.
"Nope. No chance. We'd freeze our feet!" said the Middle One.

So they waited. And thought. And still their toes dried. And then…

"I'VE GOT IT!" said the Youngest One.
"It would have to be cute," said the Oldest Sister
"It would need to be warm," added the Middle One.
"And keep toes in top form," cried the Youngest.
"It must have a zip!" added the Oldest.
"And a flap on the tip!" shouted the Middle One.
"Let's say our goodbyes," said the Youngest, "And go get supplies!"
…and that, my friends, is the story of bootie pies!

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