The Selby's Intimate Portraits Invade Colette

One of our favorite home invaders, The Selby, is partnering up with one of our favorite Parisian boutiques, Colette, to showcase some of Todd Selby's best portraits of the cool kids and the cooler spaces they live in. In a one-two-three punch, Colette will host a Selby pop-up shop, release a limited-edition 250-copy book (The Selby Paris) produced just for Colette, and showcase an exhibit of the colorful, personal photos we've come to know and love. There will also be a world premiere of The Selby's first film, titled Down Under Book Porn, at the exhibit. While those of you lucky enough to be strolling on Parisian banks can check out the show, shop, and film for yourself from come April, us here in the states will just have to wait 'til the film and book are up for sale. But wouldn't it be fun if Todd shot our living room coffee table with an edition of his book on it? The meta-joke possibilities there are endless...

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