The Selby Takes a Photographic Trip to Paris' Colette

It's always a visual pleasure when photographer Todd Selby updates his website. Capturing designers, musicians, and other curious creatives in their homes and studios, The Selby not only shows off these notables in close quarters, but displays Selby's keen eye for eccentric detail (just check out his trip to the Hutson's home). This time, we find Selby in Paris, on a shot-snapping spree at superboutique Colette with its creative director, the apparently adorable Sarah Lerfel. Certainly, we've seen Colette before—but never through such a sharp lens. Also, amid the Lagerfeld beauty products, towers of sneakers, and glass-encased "Karl Bear", we find that Lerfel is not above unloading stock herself (that, or she's posing quite cleverly.) Either way, it's the best kind of window shopping you could ask for this side of a computer screen. (The Selby)


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