Adorable Penguins! Funny Captions! Is This Our New Favorite Tumblr?

If you think about it, penguins are clearly the most fashionable of animals. Much like Jack Donaghy, they're most often spotted in black tie! Also, just look at them! So, combining these pudgy little things with fashion, dry wit, and MS Paint on a Tumblr is an obvious choice. Quite frankly, we're just surprised it didn't happen earlier.
But, our new favorite Tumblr, The Random Penguins does just that. If you're obsession-prone, we recommend you stay away, because you'll fall in love in next to no time with such gems as Angelina Jolie's Leg Penguin, Go Fug Yourself Penguin, and — our personal favorite — Spanx Penguin, pictured here. Says Spanx Penguin: “My friends all rave about Spanx. Personally, I don’t wear them. But my friends do.” OMG, she is such a liar.
Image: Courtesy of The Random Penguins.

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