The Pop Magazine Spiral Blog Clowns Around (Literally) With Their Outlandish Animated Editorial

Clowns can make you laugh. Clowns can scare you silly. Rarely, though, do the play the role of fashion muse. In Pop Magazine's Spiral blog the off-the-chain-crazy "Clown" editorial shot by photographic dynamic duo Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader, however, transforms Paul Pavlovska into a fashion-y harlequin complete with disappearing florescent clown makeup, screaming-loud polka dots, toxic-neon brights, and madcap tribal prints. Don't blink! You might miss Pavlovska's sweet-yet-sinister animated grins, cheeky winks, and teeth-chattering smiles that leap off the screen, much like the '80s-inspired exuberant attire. (For full-size, animated clownery hit up Fashion Copious)

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