New York’s Newest Gay “Mecca” Explains What A “D.I.N.K” Is

This week in the adventures of WTF, we've begun to demystify the soon-to-be Hell's Kitchen's gay epicenter, The Out NYC. If you're unfamiliar with this project, peep the video on their site, which explains: "last year over 43 million people came to New York, over 7 million of them gay," (cool, makes sense).
But then the video then goes on to qualify their customers, "They have two producing incomes and no kids to spend it on. Double income no kids — D.I.N.Ks." Um, did he really just use the word D.I.N.Ks? Indeed. We're pretty sure we haven't heard that term thrown around since the early '90s, and we were happy to say goodbye to it then.
While we're unsure about the uhh, terminology, at least it seems the hotel is turning what used to be an abandoned drive-in motel into something buzzy and productive (despite its potential to be a futuristic eyesore — we're having fearful visions of bumping bass in a gigantic super-club à la Peter Gatien, minus the cool, cutting edge bits.) So...let's just wait and see, we suppose? (Gawker)

Photo: Via Gawker

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