Catherine McNeil Hooks Up With A 6-Foot Rabbit in Harper's Bazaar

We found this bizarre Harper's Bazaar editorial on CyanaTrendLand today, and the more we look at it, the more we love it. How to describe the moods captured by Peter Lindbergh, as a gorgeous, cat-eyed Catherine McNeil wanders the streets with her comically oversized and furry friend? It it a little sad and lonely, the girl and her unspeaking companion? Is it unbearably funny, having such a soft and fuzzy creature follow you around? Is the fact that, when the Bunny turns out to be not a Bunny after all but actor Robert Buckley in bunny suit, supposed to be thought-provoking, instating something about the loneliness of the human condition, the pretense of the modern age? We're torn. We don't know. We are laughing and crying. We feel caught in the midst of a Godard play. And we want McNeil's Balmain ensemble. (CyanaTrendLand)

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