The Horror: Pics Of A Hoarder's Apartment

Thanks to Curbed, whenever we need to reassure ourselves our living situation ain't that bad, we can live vicariously through their apartment horror stories—the absolutely horrific tales of real estate in NYC would make Monica Geller puke. Of course, this week's tidbit is nauseating, to say the least. If you've ever seen the TV show Hoarders, consider yourself warned—this poor Big Apple denizen's neighbor easily rivals the worst case that series has ever thrown at you. Said resident moved into Murray Hill six years ago, and on the first night discovered they were living next to a tried-and-true hoarder. Fast-forward six years, (after multiple calls to lawyers, FDNY, the landlord, etc), and the building finally forced the clutter-friendly junker out. But, thank G, not before the tipster took lots and lots and lots of pics of all the, well, hoarding. Apparently, "Junk Pros" found food from the early 90's, bottles filled with shit, and a trap with a fossilized rat. If any trash was NSFW, this would be it...
Click through to check out a sample of the madness, and go on over to Curbed to read (and see!) the whole sordid tale.

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