The Good, The Bad, And The Sparkly: 2010 CFDA Fashion

Last night's CFDAs honored the best of the fashion bunch in some toe-to-toe competition. But while the heat was on inside, the style outside was fairly lukewarm. Like any other red carpet moment, even the CFDAs aren't immune to the pratfalls of predictable polished dressing. Unimaginative gowns, head-to-toe runway looks, and shellacked styling happen to the most good-hearted of fashion people. So when a style star has the chutzpah to shock us (in a good or bad way), we like to call 'em out. Here are our most notable looks from the evening, from the best to the worst, and a few sparkly ones thrown in there for eye candy.
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The Good
Carmen Kass—From the front, the dress may be all vanilla, but from the back, Carmen Kass shows off why she's one of the world's top supermodels. Meow!
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen—We can expect the twins to show up to any event in oversized, loose-fitting black-and-white garb, and we're rarely disappointed. Girls who ignore red-carpet rules = A+ in our books!
Devon Aoki—This jagged Zac Posen pre-fall dress is stunning without losing that touch of whimsy. Her simple makeup and blood-orange-red lips prove that red-carpet looks don't have to be high maintenance.
Sarah Jessica Parker—Sarah honored the late Alexander McQueen with a speech and runway show, and her digital-print gown fit her and the occasion to a tee
The Bad
cfda-2010-badDrew Hemingway—Besides the actual CFDA competition, the next biggest race was whether Dree's Miami Vice-suit and her head lariat was the biggest eyesore.
Heidi Mount—If a maître d went to the Homecoming dance, we have a feeling he'd ask to borrow Heidi's CFDA dress.
Maggie Grace—There's an eerie Blythe-doll vibe coming from this dated cape dress.
Vera Wang—We're going to have to come up with a new term for this jumpsuit/dress/trouser hybrid with a drop-crotch. How about, "ohgodwhy?"
The Sparkly
cfda-2010-sparkliest We just had to throw this category in because of the amount of people who showed up in sequined, black or navy dresses. From Gwyneth to Rachel, standing out like a starry night was the plan for more than a few gals.

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