Auction Find! $3 Million For The Real-Deal Cowardly Lion Costume

So we know Halloween just passed and all (T minus 11 months!), but if we had a cool $3 mil, we would definitely work up the courage (har har) to buy the original Cowardly Lion Costume from The Wizard Of Oz, and wear it for the big night next year.
Well, either that or encase it in glass because it's kinda a work of cinema art. The costume (made from real lion's hide) will be sold off during a two-day Hollywood memorabilia auction on December 15 and 16. Other items up for grabs: Dorothy's ruby slippers, Marilyn Monroe's wedding ring, and the DeLorean from Back to the Future III. We're temped to go watch the intense bidding war, even if we can afford to place a bid. This is like the holy grail of furry costumes, and whoever the lucky recipient is, they'll will have the dopest halloween getup ever. In the fantasy world of unlimited fund, what would you bid on? The lion suit or Marty McFly's time-traveling DeLorean? (LAT)
Photo: Via LAT

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