This Clever Series Reveals The Major Differences Between NYC & S.F.

Photo: Courtesy of The Cooper Review.
Our city is the epicenter of tech, and it's no shocker that people are packing their bags in droves to get a piece of the San Francisco pie — especially former New Yorkers. While it may seem the two coastal cities ostensibly have a lot in common, one recent transplant pinpoints some major cultural distinctions in a series of hilarious illustrations.

"I lived in NYC for five years, and just moved to San Francisco at the end of March with my husband," Sarah Cooper of The Cooper Review tells us. "I think I could write an entire book on the cultural differences between the two cities!"

Of course, some of the contrasts are obvious, like the weather and apartment hunting. But, her series also packs a few funny surprises (hello, $850 thrift store sweater!).

So, which city comes out on top in this epic East Coast vs. West Coast battle? We have our own opinion, but we'll let you decide for yourselves.

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