The Most Insanely Awesome Office Holiday Party Ever (No, Not Ours)!

While we like to get down at our festive fete (we're talkin' Karaoke, people!) the folks over at fashion creative house, Chandelier Creative like to get busy, sweaty, awkward, embarrassed, and down right insane with their winter-time celebration. Last year, we ogled the genius of the invite, but this year's Amazing Race themed party took things to a whole new level— we're talking the winning prize was a trip to Australia, new level. Naturally dubbed the "Chandelier Challenge," staffers were tasked with 10 different missions, one for each letter of C-H-A-N-D-E-L-I-E-R, and sent to various locations like the tropical bird zone of the Central Park Zoo, Chelsea Piers Driving Range, Dave And Busters, and Times Square, in order to complete ridiculous (yet, amazzzzing) objectives and receive points. And, yep, you guessed it, the team with the most points won. But don't worry, to accumulate extra points along the way, they could choose from a roster of 50 hilarious photo-ops, including standing shirtless next to one of their clients, kissing a public-service employee, or, of course, posing on top of a bar. Did we mention they're hiring?
Click through for a look at some of the raucous fun that ensued on the Chandelier Challenge— these are pretty good, but we're sure their hoarding some more NSFW snaps...we'll keep you updated!
Photos: Courtesy of Chandelier Creative

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