What Snuggies Looked Like In 1975 (Yes, They Did Exist!)

Sure, the Snuggie made a splash in 2008, comforting men, women, babies, and couches everywhere — but the blanket/cloak/bodysuit combo is not as modern a sensation as one may think. We bring to you: The Bundler, the OG Snuggie of the '70s.
Now we're sure you're wondering how we stumbled upon such a mesmerizing gem (aside from fate, of course), and it's all thanks to our EIC's epic eBay find, an Apartment Life magazine from January 1976. If you're unfamiliar with the glossy matte-y, think of it as the rebel, urbanite little sis of Better Homes And Gardens, chock-full of apartment tips, DIYs of yore, and this ad that made us pause for several moments to take in its glory.
Check out the jumping, the dancing, and the stretching that this couple enjoys in their matching bundlers! Look at the colors "chocolate bear," "pink lady," and "yellow glow," as they jump off the page. But wait, what is that? The ultra-creepy sentences in fine print: "Deliciously sexy on her, smoothly good looking on him. Figure-flattering on both." This is starting to get weird. We're not passing any judgements here other than appreciation for the trailblazers of "fashionable" lounging that made today's so-popular Snuggie possible. We're just wondering where we can mail in our $37 for the his-and-hers special (and how to get that hair).
Bask in the beauty of these pics, read the genius ad copy, and pick up The Bundler, "the snuggly fashion that will make any big kid a beautiful baby all over again!" You know, if that's your thing.
Photo: Via Apartment Life, January 1976

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