10 Hilarious Internet Finds To Kill Holiday Boredom

We consider the long weekend ahead an ode to overeating and its close post-binging companion, being lazy on the couch. To help aid in your sloth-itude, we've compiled 10 of our favorite Daily Diversions through the months. Bookmark this page, come back to it after dinner, and spend the next hour or so reliving the best time-wasters we've come across.
Now This Is What We Call A Drummer—Sometimes big talent gets caught up in tiny acts, and this drummer in a three-piece rock band has sure outgrown his golden blazer. Keep your eye on him as he performs tricks with his sticks that would make any percussionist worth his/her salt cry tears of awesomeness.

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Video Clips From A Sloth Orphanage—This video helped us coin an Internet word: SOL (Squeal Out Loud). Because, there's nothing more SOL-worthy than baby sloths scratching their own butts. Trust.
Passive Aggressive Graphic Designer Makes A Lost Cat Poster—From the same guy who brought " gave Spider in exchange for a bank payment" brings us a saga involving a lost cat, a presumptuous neighbor, a passive aggressive graphic designer, and lots of lulz. It may be long, but this is definitely something you're going to want to read.
An Affirmation To Beat Them All—The most we say to ourselves in the mirror each day is "Wow, you need some more concealer," but if we started our morning with the kind of rah-rah-rawesome affirmations this little girl gives herself, we might have already become Queens of the World by now.
Footage From The 1989 National Aerobics Championship—Aerobics—thank the gym god that that's not something we have to do anymore. Check out this video from the best of the best... from disturbingly sensual sit-ups to the highest kicks that we've ever seen a man in a onesie do, here are some moves that are bound to relegate you to the blacklist at your gym.
Open A Bottle Of Wine With Only Your Shoe—We saw some guy doing this on the street once, but dismissed him as a figment of our inebriation, but—look! The mystical wine-bottle-opener-shoe trick is real! Check out how to open that bottle of Bordeaux if you're lacking a corkscrew.
This Wendy's Training Video Will Be The Best Thing You'll See All Day—We wish that learning (and frankly, fast food service) were this fun. Check out an actual "Hot Drinks" training video from Wendy's that's part '80s jam, part informational guide, and all awesome. Want more? Here's Cold Drinks; Chili, Frosty's, and Cookies; and Grill Skills.
The Least Sexy (But Most Awesome) Pole Dancing Video, Ever—We guarantee that you've never seen anyone work a pole like these Indian pole gymnasts. It's like a combination of parkour, gymnastics, and pole dancing, minus the sexy, and with the addition of regulation athletic briefs. It's amazing what people can do with an extra-long, one-sided rolling pin.
Cheese People—Great memes are an exercise of brevity; Simple concepts usually generate the most LOLs. For example, Cheese People makes terrible cheese puns with celebrity names... and yet, we laugh. Click through for the appropriately cheesy jokes.
Dad Embarrasses Bieber-Fan Daughters With Sick Dance Moves—Parents are good for many things, least of which is embarrassing their offspring with their dance kills. Here's one amazing, amazing, amazing video of a boogying dad, his deadpan daughters, and a Justin Bieber song. Oh baby, indeed.

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