The New America's Next Top Model Book—144 Pages of Ferocity in Print

For those of you who enjoy the ever-so-guilty pleasure of America's Next Top Model—the Tyra Banks reality show/contest that seems to combine the best elements of Fear Factor, beauty pageants, and sorority pledging—we have news for you. Producers of ANTM have created a book, "fierce guide to life," perfect for satisfying your yen for readable, delicious junk food. Living fiercely, it seems, consists of knowing how to apply makeup, the important points of "runway etiquette," how to fit clothes to your body, keep hydrated, and understanding that "beauty starts on the inside." From the images released of the upcoming title, the tome also instructs readers on how best to rock a crop top from Hot Topic. Fierce, indeed. Available in April.
Above, from left: The book cover; the chapter on Inner Beauty.
Above: Business as usual for an ANTM contestant.

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