Why Your Hair Needs Texturizing Shampoo And Conditioner

We are pretty much year-round devotees of beachy, texturizing sprays, especially in the months before it's warm enough to set foot on an actual beach. It's also one of the reasons we're so addicted to dry shampoo: instant texture. So, when we noticed an influx of shampoo and conditioner that promise the same effect of our favorite post-shower products, we were intrigued — and admittedly skeptical. Surely something can't be texturizing while also cleansing and conditioning, right? Isn't that sort of counterintuitive?
The root of our suspicions is that the best hair textures are often the result of hair that's really dirty. But, according to celebrity stylist Ben Skervin from Vidal Sassoon, texturizing shampoo and conditioner actually work to enhance your hair's waviness to create texture without dirtying it up. He says, "Hair with a wave and curl can help give you a bit more texture and lift to the hair. These products help to create a foundation which you can then build your style from."
Skervin also adds that these types of products are best for hair that already has a slight natural wave, at minimum. Curly hair will respond well, too — it's just straight hair that might not have the best results. To texturize super-straight hair, we recommend sticking to the classics like the aforementioned dry shampoo and beach sprays.
So, texturing shampoos and conditioners aren't going to create something out of nothing, but they are going to put life into already existing waves. In these cold days of sad strands, we'll take all the help that we can get.
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