Are You Textually Frustrated? You're Not Alone

It's not hard to imagine a world without texting. When I was rocking braces and butterfly clips in the early aughts, texting was a brand-new concept. Heck, we still had house phones. We only called when something was important, and we had our favorite people on speed dial.
Now, every number is on speed dial, and we are expected to keep up conversations for our entire waking hours. It's such a post-modern problem, but it is still a problem! Most texts can be summed up in just a few quick seconds over the phone, but because smart phone technology has become so ubiquitous, we're forced to suss out all inflection and intention from simple texts. What does, "k" really mean? How long is too long to wait for a response? Why is there an eggplant emoji? The unanswered questions just keep piling up.

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