Teen Scenes: Tracking Top Models and their ’90s Tiger Beat Look-a-Likes!

Tyra Banks has a whole show teaching us what it takes to be America's Next Top Model, but we think we've discovered this season's true secret. Rifle through your "vintage" Bops and Tiger Beats and you'll see a certain type of '90s heartthrob prettiness that seems to resemble many of fashion's most popular models. So, if you're a girl, who looks like a boy, that looks like a girl, you've got the look! While we see if casting directors will be requesting JTT and Jared Leto ladies for the upcoming shows, take a look at some of our of-the-moment dead-ringers!
Marina Pérez and Gavin Rossdale
Above, from left: Marina Pérez, image via Fashion Model Directory, Gavin Rossdale, image via Cover Browser.
Milagros Schmoll and Devon Sawa
Above, from left: Milagros Schmoll, image via Models.com; Devon Sawa, image via Young Actors of Canada.
Raquel Zimmermann and Silverchair singer Daniel Johns
Above, from left: Raquel Zimmermann, image via V Magazine; Daniel Johns, image via You Want the Day to Come Sooner.
Karolin Wolter and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter
Above, from left: Karolin Wolter, image via Interview Magazine; Nick Carter, image via kahzitxa's Photobucket.
Ymre Stiekma and Taylor Hanson
Above, from left: Ymre Stiekma, image via Tiny Pic; Taylor Hanson, image via Gossip Craze.
Mariacarla Boscono and Andrew Keegan
Above, from left: Mariacarla Boscono, image via Bellazon; Andrew Keegan, image via AtaBGay
Valentina Zelyaeva and Leonardo Dicaprio
Above, from left: Valentina Zelyaeva, image via MSN; Leonardo Dicaprio, image via Leonardo DiCaprio.

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