Taylor Swift's Latest Home Obsession Costs $4 — & You Probably Already Own It

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Taylor Swift has access to the best of everything — that goes for food, fashion, real estate, and yes, even friends. And yet, according to her "30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30" reflection, published yesterday by Elle, Swift's latest obsession is something you probably already have lying around. "Recently I discovered Command tape, and I definitely would have fewer holes in my walls if I’d hung things that way all along," Swift writes. "This is not an ad. I just really love Command tape."
That's right, the same stuff you used to tape up posters in your freshman dorm is a staple in the House of Swift. Who knew? One entity that apparently didn't is Command itself.
"We are surprised — and delighted — to learn that Taylor Swift is a fan of Command products," Joe Paul, Global Business Director for Command Brand, told Refinery29 when reached for comment."There’s nothing better than the feeling of comfort you get when your space reflects you; but we also know that your tastes can change. Because our products are damage-free, our hope is that everyone feels empowered to make their home their own without worrying that they need to keep it that way forever."
Paul also notes that they'll be happy to "'hook' Taylor up with Command products whenever she needs them." So if you happen to spot some Command #sponcon on Taylor's feed in the future, don't be surprised.
Unfortunately, Swift doesn't expound upon her specific uses for Command tape. To be honest, we would have assumed someone of her stature would have professionals hanging stuff on her walls, but then, T. Swift is nothing if not strategically relatable. It's worth noting that, in addition to the double-sided tape, Command also makes sticky-backed hooks (perhaps you caught Paul's punny reference to them), clips, and other wall-bound organizational tools.
While Swift has an undeniably enviable life, we can't help but feel a little sorry for her that it took her almost 30 years to gain entree into the wide world of sticky products. After all, while we were taping up prom pictures and using a plastic hook inside our tiny-ass dorm closet to hang our bath towel (which, in retrospect, ew), Swift was crafting the hit songs we'd dance to on Friday nights. T. Swift took one for the team, and for that, we wish her a lifetime of happiness in her many Command-filled mansions.

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