5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 18 2010

Are you looking for a fruity fix to beautify your lips? Take a stab at Korres' new liquid lipstick, available in a delish array of flavors. (Stylelist)
Apparently Taylor Momsen thinks she is the next Joan Rivers, dishing out fashion advice to the ultra-fashionable Rihanna. We think 'little J' should stop wearing shirts without pants. (Racked)
Check out Styleite's 5 picks for most wearable Miss Universe costumes. But hey, don't forget—they're still costumes. (Styleite)
Elle Macpherson told Sky News that she eats too much. In other news that is false, we just won the lottery! (Huffington Post)
Gasp alert! This America's Next Top Model contestant has the tiniest waist, ever. (The Cut)

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