Tavi POPs, Fetherston Blows Her Horn, and Beam Us Up Tom Scott

Big, bad, little Tavi has landed herself on the cover of POP surrounded by Damien Hirst imagery, as most tweenagers do.
Erin Fetherston's short film features her as a pied piper, luring innocent women out of Brooklyn Heights using a sparkle-covered trumpet… as you always knew it would.
The new Tom Scott video lookbook does away with the problems of paying and crediting its models by simply dematerializing them. No fuss, no muss.
The unadorned shittiness of Michael Jackson's collaboration with Ed Hardy make the King of Pop's death even more tragic. Isn't Ann Curry a little overdressed for a morning show?
Marc Jacobs will be getting married in a super-small ceremony, so you probably don't have to bring your tux to the cleaners.
Finally, Jacobs received a visit from style icon Miss Piggy, who will be wearing the designer for an upcoming even. In retrospect, this pairing was inevitable.

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