Tattooed Sneakerhead Will Wear His Jordans 'Til The Day He Dies

Some of us in this office would go to great lengths for their Loubous, but this is beyond the pale. Loaded up onto the vastness of the Internet a few days back, this image of a young gentleman's foot features a permanent tattoo of an Air Jordan 1 1985 (at least that's what our resident sneakerhead tells us, though he noted that historically inaccurate star). Yes, the first shoe Nike ever created for Michael Jordan is iconic, but having to look at it every day in the shower, before you slip on a sock, whenever you go swimming… oh it's just too much to handle. Oh, and with ink like this, sandal season is obviously forever ruined. Well, to each his own. Now what about the right foot? (The Shoe Game)

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