7 Holiday Kits We'll Be Scooping Up For Everyone On Our List

Ever walk into a store with a specific mission — say, to restock on toilet paper — and leave with a million other goodies? Let's be real, you have, and you've probably told yourself every excuse in the book to justify the dent to your savings account: The sale on those Chelsea boots was just too good to pass up! I totally forgot I really needed [insert thing you don't need]! I just got paid and deserve to treat myself to a new liquid lipstick!
The store that takes the cake on said failed #winning missions? Target — especially come the holiday season when you're aimlessly roaming the aisles in search of the perfect gift for your face-mask-'gramming work wife, turtleneck-obsessed BFF, or eccentric Aunt Becky who loves...well, you're not sure what she loves but you know she's into all things quirky and colorful. To make checking off all the people on your gift-giving list a whole lot easier (and to avoid said aimless roams), we've rounded up our favorite beauty sets anyone is sure to love. So pick these up, queue the cheesy superhero music, and dare we say mission accomplished.

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