Gadget Or Gimmick: Triple-Tier Cooling Rack

Cooling racks: who needs them? You do, and let me explain why.
Cooling racks are a secret kitchen ninja. Ostensibly to help you cool down your baked goods faster (and prevent condensation from making them soggy), they can perform a number of tasks around the kitchen. They're great as drying racks in a pinch if you've got a huge load of dishes and are out of room. They can stand in as a hot plate for casseroles (and, since they allow air circulation, will allow the dish to cool faster). You can put them at the bottom of the sink when washing delicate dishes like wine glasses, to help protect them from shattering. They're also great for roasting things like chicken wings, helping them get extra crispy.
So why don't you have one yet? Better yet, why don't you have three? Fox Run's triple-tier cooling rack is a triple threat. Cool more stuff, on the same amount of counter space. And, when you're done, the feet collapse and stack neatly till they're needed again. They fit in a standard quarter sheet pan for cooking, and clean up pretty easily with soap and hot water. You can use them together or separately. And, at only $9.99, you're paying just over $3 for each one. Get a set today, and your kitchen (and your cookies) will thank you.

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