7 Surprising Table Faux Pas You Shouldn’t Make

This story was originally published June 19, 2015.
Have you ever been scolded for eating with your elbows on the table, forgetting to put your napkin on your lap, or burping during a meal? We can all relate to the universal ideal that as we grow up, we're exposed to certain eating habits and rules of etiquette that shape how we enjoy food.
But while one child is learnining not to burp stateside, another child across the globe might be learning the opposite. Part of what makes food culture unique, in addition to different ingredients, cuisines, and customs, are eating guidelines, which vary from country to country.
We asked Refinery29 staffers to share some of their own cultural quirks or things they've learned while traveling. Ahead, find surprising table dos and don'ts from seven different countries that might contradict what you were taught as a kid.

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