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I Share A Two-Bedroom With My Boyfriend — & We Can't Agree On This One Thing

How one woman decorates her two-bedroom with a view of the Hollywood sign

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In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. In today's episode, 30-year-old Dani Frazier shows off her two-bedroom Los Angeles apartment which she shares with her boyfriend.
When combining homes with a significant other, certain things can cause drama. It might be shower times, weird tics like leaving tea bags on tables, or — in Dani Frazier's case — a Jimi Hendrix poster.
"The apartment was definitely a collective effort, but in terms of decorating and putting everything together and making a final decision, it's me," Frazier says. The only issue: "We've been playing this game where in the guest room I have hung something on the wall and he has this awful Jimi Hendrix poster, and he keeps taking what I hung up down and putting up his Jimi Hendrix poster. It's become a battle."
Everything else, however, has been going smoothly. The couple even agreed on one key piece in their bedroom, an expensive Anthropologie dresser for $3,600. "It was Fabio's choice," Frazier says. "He saw it and fell in love with it."
Watch Frazier's apartment tour above, and read on for more about her sweet digs.
How would you describe your home style?
"I would like to think that it's warm, but also super mid-century modern. I think that’s really important for me, that it's always a place for people to feel comfortable. So we have floor pillows and blankets and couch pillows — when you walk into our home, I want you to feel like it's your home, too. So I try to bring in like warm elements. We might have a glass coffee table, but I made sure our rug was super fluffy to bring the industrial look down a notch. There's nothing worse than an apartment where you can't be comfortable."
Where do you shop for furniture?
"I'm going to shout out this guy because he's amazing, there is this furniture store called the Hunt and it's in Eagle Rock. He has this giant warehouse where he restores furniture or builds custom furniture. He built our credenza and it's amazing. We always like to go there and just kind of peek at all the different stuff he ha. Then we definitely do West Elm and Anthropologie, because you can just find exactly what you're looking for, but there are a couple thrift stores we like, too. I'll do Salvation Army, even though Fabio's not super into that, and then there's the Rose Bowl Flea Market and the Melrose Trading Post. There's a ton of local artisans and people who make custom furniture. I got this really cool like beverage cart there for like $50 bucks. You have to dig, but you can find pretty much everything you're looking for."
Do you have any decorating tips or advice?
"I try not to put things against the wall. Our couch is floating, and I love the idea of a floating couch. It really opens up your space. We also don't put a ton of stuff on the walls. We have one big artwork when you walk in, but I don't like things to be super cluttered. The best tip, I have which I haven't followed because we haven't put up any curtains yet, but my mom always tells me to hang your curtains up higher than where your actual window starts, because it makes your room feel taller."
Tour A Two-Bedroom Apartment In Los AngelesReleased on October 28, 2018

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