Why You Shouldn’t Stress Over Stress Sweat

Status: Stressed, Refinery29 is teaming up with Secret, the expert in stress sweat, to have an honest, passionate conversation about the role of stress in the lives of young women today. Knowing we all feel the pressure, we've set out to discover how we can make stress work for — not just against — us.

We’ve all had that moment when we're running really late for a big meeting or when we look at the low number in our bank accounts a few days before rent is due. It also happens to be the same moment we ask ourselves, Is that smell coming from me? News flash: Stress sweat is different from regular sweat in that it feeds off bacteria and causes odor. Then we start to think about that — producing more sweat. Great. Yeah, you’re not alone. Young women are an incredibly stressed-out group. And everyone sweats — shocker. It’s not gross, weird, or bad. It’s just what happens when you’re feeling anxious or worried. Watch the video above to figure out the science behind the different kinds of sweat and how they are triggered.

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