BYT’s Svetlana Legetic Shows Us Her D.C.

To say we admire Svetlana Legetic is an understatement — the stylish, creative, and super-savvy cofounder of Brightest Young Things could easily claim the title of "coolest woman in Washington." After launching the site as a bare-bones nightlife blog in 2006, Legetic, a native of Serbia and graduate of SCAD, has since turned it into a digital empire, ruling the D.C. party scene by simultaneously covering what's happening and staging wildly popular parties under the BYT banner.
Now, with a staff of eight full-time employees and a recent expansion to New York City, it's safe to say that Legetic's future is, well, pretty bright. We tagged along with the leggy architect-turned-entrepreneur for a full day of exploring her favorite local hotspots. From concerts to books to world-class art, this is one awesome handpicked agenda. Click through to start the tour.