Susie Bubble Leaves Dazed, Karl's Revealing Vice Interview, And Fake Legs At Kiev Fashion Week

Prosthetic limbs put models in some compromising positions at Kiev Fashion Week. Now that's what we call wearing the duvet. (HuffPo)
Always wanted to be an underwear model AND a small business owner? Sell your underwear online. (Brokelyn)
Susie Bubble left her post at Dazed. Sad face. (Style Bubble)
Conde Nast is shuffling the deck, and now W will have their very own EIC (Fashionologie)
"I had an interview once with some German journalist--some horrible, ugly woman....She had huge tits and a huge black bra, and she said to me, 'It's impolite; remove your glasses.' I said, 'Do I ask you to remove your bra?'" —Karl Lagerfeld plays it fair. (Vice)

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