The R29 Editors' Weekly TV Fixes (Plus, A Giveaway For YOU)

We'll be frank about this: Some of the editors in the R29 office don't own a TV — trust us, we asked. But, that doesn't mean we don't keep on top of our favorite shows. Whether we're Netflix-ing or just gathering at a friend's place for our favorite Sunday-night, hour-long escape, we've got a list of summer TV favorites that keep us returning week after week. The moral is: We may not always watch TV, but when when we do, we editors have refined (get it?) our selection down to these can't-miss series.
"I'm late to the party on this one but utterly hooked on Damages. I'm currently plowing through season four in order to catch up to the current season. I'm sure that watching hours of scandal and backstabbing is affecting my personal relationships — but it's worth it."
-Kelsey Miller, SEO editor
"Call me a teenage girl, but I'm heavily obsessed with MTV's Awkward. It's a high school dram-com with must-memorize colloquialisms (DTR), cliques, unpopular-chick-becomes-popular scenarios, and a protagonist who's a cross between Juno and Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls. Plus, maybe one of the best recent TV bitches in recent memory ... those one-liners make me, like, LOL. OMG, I'm being literal."
-Kristian Laliberte, senior editor
What Not To Wear
Even though WNTW has been on for a bajillion seasons, week after week they are able to prove how powerful and transformative clothes can be. Even though our outward appearances are not the most important thing in life (of course), it's always empowering to see them prove over and over again that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, no matter what.
-Lisa Eppich, production editorial assistant
Breaking Bad
"It keeps me on my toes! I can't just watch one though; I wind up viewing five in a row! Since I don't have cable, I'm catching up on all the past seasons on Netflix!"
-Angela Tafoya, S.F. editor
HGTV Design Star
"I've never been a big TV fan (in fact, I've never actually owned a working television!), and that's especially true when it comes to reality TV. So, you can imagine how surprised I was to get totally sucked into HGTV's Design Star this summer. I like the fact that it's blissfully drama-free, and the competitors are doing something legitimately creative — plus, it's given me tons of inspiration to redecorate my apartment."
-Holly Thomas, D.C. editor
Now, tell us what's your summer TV obsession in the comments below. One lucky commentator will win one of three $50 iTunes gift cards!

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