5 Summer Shows Keeping R29 Editors Glued To The Tube (Plus, A Giveaway)

On occasion, we'll admit, we say we can't make margarita night for an "unexpected work event," while we actually head home and catch up with the good ol' telly. We're not answering your texts? You'll have to wait for a commercial.
While we R29 editors like to chat with each other about our newest guilty pleasure or debate whether that dancer on So You Think You Can Dance actually does look like Gosling (he sorta does!), we're even more eager to spill our TV-night favorites with you. Warm up the DVR — our picks are below.


"I own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, and I even suffered through that short-lived Parker Posey show Amy Sherman-Palladino (GG and Bunheads creator) did a few years back. So, needless to say, I'm a fan. But even if I weren't obsessed with Sherman-Palladino, I would love this show. Sutton Foster is snappy, charming, and exactly the right amount of sarcastic, and Grandma Gilmore Kelly Bishop is just delightful. Also, ballerinas! Quippy teens! And Mindy Riggins all cleaned up and playing a very different character! Sure, this show is on ABCFamily, but that shouldn't keep you from watching it (just try and tell me you've never watched an ABCFamily movie)."
—Neha Gandhi, deputy editor


Falling Skies

"This alien/apocalypse thriller satisfies my sci-fi craving while I wait for the Walking Dead to return. It's a little bleak, but the concept of what happens to the survivors of an alien invasion is enthralling, mostly for the realistic human drama. There may be gross bugs that enslave children, creepy robot warriors, and some seriously freaky-looking aliens, but the concept of retaining your moral compass when the world literally goes to hell in a handbasket is just fascinating for me. Also: Hi Noah Wyle. You're lookin' really good with that sexy scruff and all that tough-guy mud splattered all over you."
—Megan McIntyre, senior beauty editor

The Newsroom

"Sometimes I just go for the TV shows with smart, witty dialogue. Enter The Newsroom. Created and written by the brilliant mind of Aaron Sorkin (who also wrote that little Facebook movie, The Social Network), it's not just the script that makes the show, but the incredible acting, too! Emily Mortimer is — in a word — great, as always, Alison Pill steals every scene she's in, and Jeff Daniels has definitely come a long way from his Dumb and Dumber days."
—Isabel Cafaro, executive assistant


"If you haven't been watching Louie on FX, you're missing something
special — it's funny, real, sad, profound, profane, and maybe just the best-written half hour on television. Did I mention how funny it is?"
—Gabriel Bell, staff writer

So You Think You Can Dance

"Full disclosure: I have never actually called and voted for any SYTYCD contestants. Not Katee, or Jeanine, or even Travis (whose choreography makes him a genius in my book), but I'm a huge fan nonetheless. Frankly, this show is not about the competition for me — comparing a profound contemporary number to the hottest hip-hop routine is like comparing apples and oranges — I just enjoy sitting back, jaw on the floor, and then instantly texting my old college dance team friends saying, 'Please, tell me you just saw that, too!'"

—Gina Marinelli, editorial assistant

Ready to catch up on the summer television you've been missing? Tell us which show you're dying to see in the comments below, and you'll be entered to win one of three $50 iTunes gift cards!

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