What Summer In NYC Is Like, According To Sex And The City

Summer in New York City can be both magic and tragic. Should you find yourself sipping cocktails at Soho House, you'll know you've hit the warm-weather jackpot; if you wind up without air conditioning in your fifth-floor walk-up apartment, well, you might just find yourself wondering who cursed you to live in this sweltering purgatory in the first place.

Luckily for us, Sex and the City tamed all the sweaty demons of New York years before SoulCycle spun its spell. From house parties in the Hamptons to the sights of Fleet Week, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte covered some serious ground braving this stir-crazy season — all while never trading in those Manolos for a pair of flip-flops.

Finding the heat getting to your head? Sit back, cool off, and let the ladies' hilarious and heartfelt mishaps of New York summer misery guide your way. Hey, their words of wisdom might even help you score a one-way ticket to rooftop-pool nirvana — we all deserve our own little Annabelle Bronstein moment, after all.
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Sporting events are the place to be the best dressed...and the most depressed.
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Pool time is filled with some seriously stiff drinks.
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Bikini trimming, waxing, and Brazilian-ing are all the drama of a matinée for double the price.
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Putting on shorts is never as easy as it sounds.
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Warning: The heat and humidity might leave you thinking not so clearly.
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Inspiration for your potluck picnic dish is always right under your nose.
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Is there a more productive way to spend Summer Fridays?
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Desperate times — and scorching temperatures — might call for desperado behavior.
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Fleet Week: The New York woman's hormonal playground. #HelloSailor!
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Going to the air-conditioned dentist’s office might actually sound appealing.
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Brunch becomes a sacred time for peaceful reflection.
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Summertime, the season when the city definitely doesn't sleep.
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Theme gatherings really only serve one purpose: trick everyone into looking stupid in as little clothing as possible.
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Rooftop parties are for acting everything but your age, plus or minus twelve years.
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The truth is, if you’ve spent a summer in New York City, you — and your choices — will never be the same.

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